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In this page, we will be featuring contribution material from SJD students as well as other followers and enthusiasts of San Jieh Dao, such as essays, stories and articles or even photos or videos!  This page is a collaborative portal for our San Jieh Dao Students and others to express their discoveries, knowledge, understanding and their opinions of San Jieh Dao martial arts and all of it's related subjects.  It's a way for everyone to contribute to the spread of SJD in their own unique way.

To submit a material for consideration for posting in this page, please send them directly to:

You can include your attachment (s) + description of the material in the body of the email +  short description of yourself (that is if we don't know you).  We would love to hear from every SJD followers and enthusiasts.

Article: "My Journey from JKD to SJD".   By: Patrick Rollins.  Pat is a SJD 1st Generation high ranking senior student as well as a staff member at our SJD Academy. Article: "Why San Jieh Dao".   By: Brian Schaeffer.  Brian is a SJD 1st Generation Phase II student.