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師父 - Sifu
始祖 - Shi-Dzu
Bahram Khozairy

of San Jieh


Bahram Khozairy, has over 30 years of devoted and intense martial arts experience and teaching and is truly one of the most unique and top martial arts instructors and innovators of our time.  He has trained with the best of the best and has trained under the top of the best. 

He is not only a professional martial artist, martial instructor, martial arts innovator and martial arts scientist, but is also a 23 years professional engineer, having earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from Southern Illinois University.

He is a "2nd generation instructor" in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do - Jun Fan Gung Fu and Filipino martial arts, under Bruce Lee's original students, the late Sifu Richard Bustillo from IMB Academy of Southern California (1991), where mr. Khozairy also served as a staff member and an apprentice instructor.  Mr. Khozairy was also a former member of the original Jeet Kune Do Society in the late 1980s. Throughout the last 30 years, Sifu Khozairy performed numerous demos, seminars and lectures throughout Southern and Northern California.

On top of all his training at IMB Academy, Southern Illinois University and Florida, he has also studied with many other professional and notable authorities such as: the late Rudy Terlinden (Pentjak-Silat); Dr. Andre KnustGraichen (Pentjak-Silat); Senior Grand Master Ciriaco Cacoy Canete (Doce-Pares Escrima); Master Johny-Canote (Doce-Pares Escrima); and numerous others in such systems as: Shoot Wrestling, Savate foot fighting, Lacoste Kali/Escrima, and the list goes on.

After years of study, research, refinement and development, Sifu Khozairy has thoroughly dissected and liberated Bruce Lee's new age art of Jeet Kune Do - Jun Fan Gung Fu and has dispositioned it within his own personal based combative martial art and science of San Jieh Dao (SJD).  San Jieh Dao (The Tri Fold Way), which is not only a revolution but is also a reformation within the world of martial arts.  SJD goes far beyond the JKD Jun Fan Gung Fu arts and philosophies.

Presently he is active on the pursuit of promoting his own martial arts of San Jieh Dao with its newest location in Santa Clara, Ca which he runs along with his wife Simu Khozairy. He is the author of several books, including, "Jeet Kune Do to San Jieh Dao, From Darkness To Light", "San Jieh Dao, The Fundamentals" and "Victim to Victory", which is an autobiography, published in 2016.  He is currently working on numerous other projects, including many other books, articles, audio and video as well as DVDs, Web cast and series of motion picture films, regarding the combative art and science of San Jieh Dao. 

Sifu Khozairy with a wealth of knowledge and depth of wisdom in martial arts, science and philosophy has taught numerous individuals from all sorts of background, including, doctors, lawyers, engineers, students, police and law enforcements, and is always eager to take on new students with the heart to learn and willingness to grow.