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San Jieh Dao Martial Arts is an Extremely Unique & One-Of-A-Kind Practical Comprehensive Combative Fighting System.  It develops the students to become sharper, wiser and quicker in their thinking and reactions toward the Tri-Fold Challenges and Battles they Face everyday...


"If you want to experience martial arts the way it should be, physical, mental, and spiritual come join San Jieh Dao. Yes, you will learn a well rounded martial art from kicking, boxing, trapping, grappling, and even weapons by an experienced instructor with over thirty years of training. But there is more to learn. You' ll learn the "whats" and the "whys" and in doing so you'll find  "truth" in combat/life along the the way. I know I did."  Senior Student Pat

"Your classes, atmosphere and training style is by far the best martial art training I have ever had. Your dedication, patience and philosophy is inspiring and made me want to do better in every asset of life. I enjoyed the family feel and spiritual unity that is taught by you and your wife. I wish I could still train with you and hope our paths will cross again someday." Former Phase I Student Tom




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San Jieh Dao Philosophy Part 3

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"Our actions in combat are ultimately the outward expressions of our inward spiritual condition."

Bahram Khozairy





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