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Throughout the years, I had the privilege of Training and developing many students, from all walks of life.  The diversity of our academy and classes coupled with the culture we implemented created a very beautiful, strong, respectful, disciplined, humble and yet deep lasting relationships between us and the students.  We have witnessed many lives changed throughout the years we were opened; and even during the times we not necessary opened to the public, where I was teaching the students in various locations, such as community centers, parks, libraries, churches and even old age homes.  I am usually not in a habit of collecting or sharing student's testimonies.  However, below are just a few of the students statements regarding their experience:

"Your classes, atmosphere and training style is by far the best martial art training I have ever had. Your dedication, patience and philosophy is inspiring and made me want to do better in every asset of life. I enjoyed the family feel and spiritual unity that is taught by you and your wife. I wish I could still train with you and hope our paths will cross again someday."


  "If you want to experience martial arts the way it should be, physical, mental, and spiritual come join San Jieh Dao. Yes, you will learn a well rounded martial art from kicking, boxing, trapping, grappling, and even weapons by an experienced instructor with over thirty years of training. But there is more to learn. You' ll learn the "whats" and the "whys" and in doing so you'll find  "truth" in combat/life along the the way. I know I did."


"I have attended the academy for around 1 month and have not had any prior martial arts experience. The pace is fast, but the Sifu will make adjustments during the class if more time is needed to pick up a concept. Sifu is very encouraging. Being new to martial arts I like how the "why" is explained."


  Below is the Review for the book, "San Jieh Dao, The Fundamentals" audio book:

"I listened to this book not knowing what to expect. It describes fundamentals of martial arts to people who have not had much exposure. It thoroughly explains how and why on something which is easier to show and difficult to explain. The narrative is clear and keeps you interested throughout the book. It left me wishing for more and more details."



Below is the Review for the book, "San Jieh Dao, The Fundamentals"

"This book is absolutely one of a kind and ground breaking!!!! You simply will not find information of this sort anywhere in the world. The background and experience that the author brings to the pages are unique in comparison to the majority of martial artists today. Today the majority of martial arts has been washed down and the "true meaning" lost with in a Hollywood's versions of MA. I believe it is now re-appearing and emerging through the concepts of truth. As a trained U.S. Army sniper, with almost 7 combat tours and tons of other types of combat related training, a sociology major with years of experience in related subjects, I can tell you first hand that this book is the real deal. It really digs into the in the elect. I have searched for most of my adult life trying to find something other than a bunch of cool pictures and nice sounding words to stimulate my emotions to make me "feel good about kicking and punching". But for what? So I can go watch UFC/MMA on TV and bark at who is better over a beer grumbling, "ARRRG!! ARRRG!! Those things are great for entertainment. But real fights are not in a cage or arena. Fighting should not be based on this. Yet they are because of the big lights and happy clowns. Hmmmm....Distraction, a reoccurring human dilemma and historical theme. In a real fight or combat there are no rules or rings or cages -----none! Anything goes!

San Jieh Dao stimulates those deeper thoughts. It answers those questions that seemed to evade me for years, in simple terms. Martial Arts is a thinking mans/woman's art. This confirms this. Christians now days have gotten a bad rap. It seems as though "new age" Christians (the popular mass of believers) have mistakenly redefined the word "meek" into a type of quality that is synonymous with wimp. Where as the real definition is not that in a long shot. Christians were meant to defend truth and human rights and freedom for all, not just themselves. Stand up and fight (combat) when necessary to protect those that need protection. [Yet also not to go on massive conquests (Roman Catholic) through out the world conquering land for false-religious reasons] Yet a balance of peace and combat. GOD gave us all a sense of protection. Common sense if you will. It's time that Christians realize this. Peace comes through learning how to combat (deal - approach) properly.......not through psychological avoidance (it's all flowers and good happiness, feel good, stuff) and running from everyday problems (much of what I see in today's Christendom). Peace is earned. Not always violent or war.....but earned. Through our beliefs, our thoughts, our bodies. This book offers a great defense on all levels and is quit refreshing. His other book "from darkness to light" is a great companion to this. AHHHH! At last something that is not watered down. If you read this you'll be surprised by what I would call "a history in the making". You will definitely see this author in the history books. Because there has never been anything like it. 10-20-30 years from now you will tell your friends, kids, grandkids......"Hey I remember that guy!"




Below is the Review for the books "Jeet Kune Do to San Jieh Dao, From Darkness to Light" and "Victim to Victor".  It's an overall perception of the entire creation of the art of San Jieh Dao by a Christian sister name Patty.  Patty is the librarian at the Valley Church Library:

"Your journey of faith in Jesus while continuing your martial arts profession is unique. You became aware of the occultic and false tenets that underpin the art you were following, as well as the other forms of martial arts. Yet instead of turning away from practicing it, you pursued the work of separating out that which was false from the disciplines within the art that hold lasting value and truth. You also have worked to take the Biblical truths you were learning, applying them, and incorporating them into the art to supplant and redeem those parts that were false and evil. 

What I find intriguing and hopeful in what you are doing is the possibilities it may hold for redeeming other eastern-based practices or "arts". Our culture in America, and especially in Silicon Valley with its huge influx of people and cultures from the East, is heavily influenced by eastern practices in a number of fields. Ones that come readily to mind that are now commonplace and frequently used by people, believers and unbelievers alike, include:  yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, meditation, karate, and various multiple forms of martial arts taught to kids. 

These practices are popular because people have found them to be helpful. As with your martial art, there are big parts of these that are beneficial and are utilizing eternal truths that exist in God's created order. However, there are also falsehoods that are incorporated in these practices that can be harmful in drawing people away from God and His truth. The fact that they work a benefit can allure the undiscerning into accepting the lies or drawing people away from the truth. 

Your journey of faith towards redeeming and reclaiming for God your martial art gives me hope that possibly your methods could be applied to other fields. Or that others who come to redeeming faith in those fields may also pursue a redemption of their "art" for His kingdom and glory. Who knows what God can do? 

Thanks for welcoming me to share my thoughts and feedback with you."