DVD Cover DesignThis first San Jieh Dao DVD lesson contains 3 Separate DVD Total of 18 parts.  Total Run time for all 3 DVD is 2 hours.

Each part includes a detail lesson as well as practice session; giving the viewers a clear understanding of how the composite elements in SJD are constructed and how they are performed and practiced.

The composite lessons expounds on various combative Kickboxing, Trapping, Grappling, Locks, Take Downs, submissions as well the Weapon modes of Single Stick and Double Sticks, Offense, Defense, Counter and combination of disarms and locks.

DVD 1 includes parts 1 thru 11.  It covers SJD unique kickboxing Long (foot range) to Mid (hand range) and Mid to Close (trapping range) elements.  Run time is 36 minutes.

DVD 2 includes parts 12 thru 15.  It covers the Standing Ground Grappling, including various composite locks, chock holds and various submissions both on the standing mode as well as the ground mode.  Run time is 22 minutes.

DVD 3 includes parts 16 thru 18.  It covers the Single and Double Sticks combination entailing the Offensive, Defensive, and Counter Elements, as well, various entries, exists, locks and disarms.  Run time is 62 minutes.

In a very unique, serious, practical, artistic and scientific style, the founder Sifu Khozairy elucidates and demonstrates some of essential and yet important aspects of combative SJD martial arts.  Along with Simu & Shidzi  Khozairy, this video will give viewer a chance to get a glimpse of the vast and involved elements, drills and knowledge of the sophisticated Tri Fold martial art of San Jieh Dao.