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SJD Class Structure

San Jieh Dao is structured in such a way so that each student traveling through its educational path can gain the maximum benefit and be fully equipped in the art of combat. 

San Jieh Dao is set with 3 main phases with each phase comprising of 7 levels.  Each of the levels are invisible to the students, and there are no signs or insignia indicating who is at which level.  These levels are meant more for the instructors than the students, so that the San Jieh Dao instructors can properly identify and appropriately categorize their students. 

Phase I =  “Exposure”

Phase II  = “Application”

Phase III  = “Fusion” 

‘Exposure’ means, being exposed to the elements and concepts that is embedded in SJD.  Exposure also means that Phase 1 students learn to be exposed to their own biological formation and their strengths and weaknesses.  They go through this self-discovery process, beginning with Phase 1 and continuing to the upper classes. 

‘Application’ means that students’ focal point is now to apply what they have been exposed to in Phase 1 in a viable sense in Phase 2.  Application brings about more cluster dynamic training.  Because students’ ability to intake the material has increased, they therefore can learn to be exposed to more material and continually learning new elements and concepts and philosophies in Phase 2.

‘Fusion’ means that elements and concepts students have learned can now be fully fused in and integrated together.  Their ranges, their biological tools, and all the concepts will now be fused in with each other as a means of developing their combative skills in SJD in a much deeper and comprehensive level. I like to emphasize that students learning process does not end here; it only continues.


 Micro/Enhance (ME) Classes

Above and Beyond the regular Phase classes, which encompass the entire spectrum of the art, periodically we will offer Micro or Supplemental classes which would enhance and accelerate the learning ability and speed of the individual students.  These classes are meant to  focus on sprecific aspects of the art.  They could range from either Stick (weapon) classes, or Boxing, or Grappling/Wrestling, or Trapping or other needed focused areas, such as basic or advanced Self Defense or even general SJD Kickboxing... etc. 


 Woman General SJD Classes

Woman classes are a very unique blend of SJD curriculum, that are specifically designed for females of all ages (ages 14-17 need to have their parents co-sign the application).  They get right to the point of SJD combative self defense martial arts.  They comprise of both high and low impact training and elements, which include a well balanced set of the entire spectrum of San Jieh Dao martial arts, enhanced by the unique SJD Cardio Kickboxing, SJD Cardio Boxing, SJD Stick weaponry and a whole host of Combative Defensive elements against various types of attacks.  The curriculum and the material in this class assures to deliver and develop the Practical Combative-Self-Defense skills and Confidence along with the a healthy training routine that the students need in order to overcome any aggressive situation.  All the zones and ranges are covered including:  Kicking, Boxing, Trapping, Standing Grappling, Ground Grappling, Rolls, Falls, Choke Holds, Locks and Submissions... etc.