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Victim To Victory

Have you ever faced difficulties and problems in your life and wondered why?  Are you new to experiencing unexplainable and unreasonable adversities?  Do you want to know the secret in combating the life’s turmoil and battles?

Well, look no further.

Bahram Khozairy is ready to take you on board his time capsule to a rapid journey of his real life mission, heavily prompted by a zeal to reach the final goal by maintaining his loyalty to his calling and yet without compromising his faith or principles nor surrendering to the consistent disappointments, hurdles and brokenness of life.

Victim to Victory is a purposeful and encouraging volume set in an easy rendition and at times humorous style portrays a life of suffering, struggles and relentless obstacles as is presented in an unvarnished and autobiographical narrative with the ending that may surprise you.





1. In the Beginning

2. University

3. Enlightenment

4. Move to California

5. New Life

6. Battles Begin

7. Big Move

8. First Academy

9. Move to Southern California

10. Move to Northern California

11. Move to Southern California Again

12. Move to Sacramento

13. Move to San Jose


San Jieh Dao, The Fundamentals

San Jieh Dao: The Fundamentals blends science and philosophy into a fusion that portrays a comprehensive martial art that is a response and alternative to the New Age martial art of Jeet Kune Do. With expertise built through training and skill, author Bahram Khozairy delineates and expounds upon his unique, practical, and complete approach to martial arts. In this volume, he lays the foundation for the understanding fundamental to the rest of the art. And unlike many instructors who base their art on esoteric New Age spiritualism, Bahram Khozairy builds his art upon the truths of the Bible, giving Christian martial arts enthusiasts an art that they can commit to and believe in. Readers will find San Jieh Dao: The Fundamentals to be both intellectually compelling and combatively balanced as it explains the philosophy and reasoning behind the key concepts of San Jieh Dao.











Chapter 1

... Foundation

... Warm Up

... Stretching

Chapter 2

... Balance

... Coordination

... Endurance

... Breathing

... Flexibility

... Agility

... Mobility

... Fluidity

... Circular Lines of Motions - Linear Lines of Motion

... Logical Motions - Illogical Motions

... Combat

... 4 Ranges of Combat

... Cross over zone - over lap ranges

Chapter 3

... Neutral Position

... Foot Works

... Guards

... Pivoting

... 4 vital body parts (eyes, neck, heart, groin)

Chapter 4

... Kicking

... Boxing

... Trapping

... Grappling

... Pinning

... Submission

Chapter 5

... Weapons

... Biological tools

... Motions

... Self Defense

... Offense

... Defense

... Counter

... Follow Ups

... Rhythm

... Fear Factor

... Energy

... Stability

... Transfer and Balance of Energy

Chapter 6

... Types of training in San Jieh Dao

... Supplemental Training

... JKD to SJD (A true Voyage)

... San Jieh Dao Limerick






































Jeet Kune Do to San Jieh Dao
From Darkness To Light

(An Intellectual Journey Toward The Truth In Martial Arts)

Jeet Kune Do, 
From Darkness To Light

This book is really an introduction. It is a start of an incredible journey that has led Bahram Khozairy to develop and formulate his combative art and science of "San Jieh Dao", which for the first time is introduced in this book.

Within this book, you will find an intellectual, objective and straightforward analysis of Jeet Kune Do's spiritual doctrines and various non-biblical philosophies that are expressed and associated with the great Bruce Lee and his Jeet Kune Do. Bahram Khozairy systematically and analytically examines Bruce Lee's philosophies that are found within his book, "Tao Of Jeet Kune Do" under the spectacle of Biblical theology.

The book starts with looking at Jeet Kune Do on the physical level, and then taking its long route toward its mental and spiritual message.Mr. Khozairy then argues in favor of Christians practicing martial arts, by examining some of the famous yet fallacious arguments that have been used against Christians that are involved in martial arts.

In a way, this thesis examines and dissects Jeet Kune Do with an objective fact that all things are to be tested by the Biblical Scriptures. In doing so, Bahram Khozairy presents Christianity as the absolute Truth by offering a series of apologetics arguments. He also briefly analyzes the New Age movement, world of the Cults and the Occults, & their influences and dangers in martial arts, including Jeet Kune Do.

He finally reinforces his message by providing his own personal experience, his own transformation from the domain of darkness toward the light, which is only found in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Alphabetical Glossary with over 70 topics defined is included.  Formerly titled "Jeet Kune Do, From Darkness To Light."

Written In A Text Book Format.
Contains A Wealth Of Information.


... Jeet Kune Do in focus.
... Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do's foundation.
... JKD - only a name?
... Are philosophies wrong?
... San Jieh Dao - a new beginning.

... Jeet Kune Do beyond the physical.
... Contradictions of terminologies and statements.
... Conclusion.

... Why Christianity?
... Conclusion.

... Christians and the practice of martial arts.
... Occultic practices in martial arts.
... Zen Buddhism.
... Taoism & Yin/Yang.
... Meditation.
... Chi, and the internal arts of Chi-Qong & Dim Mak.

... Author's personal testimony.
Final Conclusion